ChongYa Kindergarten is located in Huizhou, Guandong province. The building is part of a larger school campus that hosts over 10 thousand students. The building can accommodate 450 students distributed in 15 classes. The program also includes art, music and dance classrooms, a large multi-functional space at the groundfloor, kitchen and canteen, office space and accommodation for teachers in the upper floor. 


As the core of the whole building, the inner courtyard connects ordinary classrooms, professional classrooms, administration space, lobbies, a large multifunctional classroom and canteens. The courtyard offers a multiple interactive experience through the use of different landscape features, playgrounds and runways. A wide color palette is used to remark each floor, giving the children the possibility to remember their space by recognizing the color.

The exterior conveys a reassuring institutional image through the use of a solid brickwork elevation that gradually opens up towards the main vertical connection. 


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