Fenggang Kindergarten is located in Fenggang prefecture, Dongguan. It’s designed to accommodate 18 classes for a total capacity of 540 children. The program includes several special classes and it is distributed within 2 separate buildings.


The building massing is terraced in order to reach the lighting requirements and in an effort to provide an outdoor space to every class. Lighting requirements are a fundamental prerequisite in the design of Kindergarten in China, as it is believe that light will greatly help children to develop intellectuallyFurthermore, this particular classrooms layout enhances interaction between children of different classes that would otherwise be separated and rarely in contact. 

The central courtyard separates the classrooms and teacher dormitory from the public functions of the building. Landscaped ramps allow the access to the second floor of the building where a weather protected playground space allows children to play within close sight of their teachers. 

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